Custom Cut Lawn Care is mid-Missouri’s preferred mulching company

Custom Cut Lawn Care offers both residential and commercial mulching services in Columbia, MO. and the surrounding communities.

Mulch not only makes your flower beds look nice, it serves several other purposes as well. First, it prevents any weeds from germinating and taking over your flower beds; and secondly it helps retain soil moisture which is good for your plants growth.

Commercial Mulching Services in Mid-Missouri

Custom Cut Lawn Care provides quality commercial mulching services for large properties and businesses. We can provide mulching for apartment complexes, schools, colleges, businesses, parks and more.


Residential Mulching Services in Columbia, MO

Nothing says “beautiful yard” like fresh mulch. Fresh mulch helps your plants and trees stay healthy and happy. Give us a call if you need residential mulching services. We’ll do your mulching quickly and cleanly.